Khandesh College Education Society's
Moolji Jaitha College
"An Autonomous College Affiliated to K.B.C. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon."
NAAC Re-Accredited Grade "A" CGPA 3.15 (3rd Cycle) | UGC Honoured "College of Excellence"
"Star College" by Ministry of Science and Technology



Faculty of Arts is one of the oldest faculties in our College. It has been established since 1945 and our competent and experienced teachers have enriched the faculty.

Commerce & Management


We @ MJ understand India’s thrust on ‘Science & Technology’ for becoming world super power and realise the importance of science as one of the best media for exploring various avenues in peace and all around growth. Our Faculty of Science has leveraged numerous opportunities to students in the field of Science and Technology.
Many of our students are today’s topmost Software Engineers, Doctors, Engineers, Professionals in various industries.
The Faculty of Science has various Departments namely Mathematics, Bio-Chemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Physics, Instrumentation, Microbiology, Zoology and Botany. The Faculty possesses the best of laboratories, infrastructure to teach and explore the best of subjects. Our Computer Department possesses State of the Computer Systems with hundreds of Computers. We offer free internet access to our students to get the best from the internet – The Information Super Highway.

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