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"An Autonomous College Affiliated to K.B.C. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon."
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"Star College" by Ministry of Science and Technology

About History

Department of History

Year of Establishment: UG 1945
PG 1979
Names of Programmes / Courses offered Intake capacity
B.A. (History) One Division
M.A. (History) One Division

Program specific outcomes

B.A. (History)
1 Understand the basic themes, concepts, chronology and the Scope of Indian History.
2 Acquaint with range of issues related to Indian History that span distinct eras.
3 Understand the history of countries other than India with comparative approach.
4 Prepare for various types of Competitive Examinations.
M.A. (History)
1 Understand and evaluate the complexities of historical developments of various nations, societies and cultures.
2 Acquaint with research skills, methodologies, philosophy of history and historiography as being a professional historian and researcher.
3 Prepare themselves for the competitive carriers in the fields of civil services and teaching.

Board of Studies in History

Board of Studies in History




01 Name D. S. Ingle
Qualification M. A. SET & NET
Designation Associate Professor
Experience 22 Years
Specialization Historiography and the Theories of History
02 Name K. K. Valvi
Qualification M.A. NET
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience 22 Years
Specialization Social History
03 Name U. D. Bhirud
Qualification M.A., Ph.D
Designation Associate Professor
Experience 18 Years
Specialization Medieval Maharashtra
04 Name J. V. Dube
Qualification MA (SET)
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience 10 Years
Specialization Numismatics



Research Areas
Sr. No. Name of faculty Research area
01 Prof. D. S. Ingle Historiography and the Theories of History
02 Prof K. K. Valvi Social History
03 Dr. U. D. Bhirud History of Medieval Maharashtra
04 Dr. J. V. Dubey Numismatics
Details of Research Guide
Sr. No. Name Names of Registered/Awarded Students Topic Current status
01 Dr. Ujwala D. Bhirud Londhe Sandip Govind Ramanujachryaa ani Vaishnav panthache punarujjivan- Ek Abhyas Awarded
Kinge Dipak Dinkar Peshave kalin Nashirabad Paragana- Ek Eitihasik Abhyas Ongoing
Makasare Shivaji Laxman Peshavekalin Mhasave Paragana- Ek Eitihasik Abhyas Ongoing
Firke Hitesh Vasant Dhanaji Nana Chiudhari v tyancha varasayanchya karyachae itihasik abhyas Ongoing
02 Dr. J. V. Dube Popat Kashiram Gaikwad hartiya Swatantrya Ladhyat Khandeshatil Aadiwasincha Sahbhag Ongoing
Mr. Dinesh Patil Bhartiya Swatantrya Chalvalit Khandeshatil Striyancha Sahbhag Ek Aitihasik Abhyas(1885-1947) Ongoing
Mr. Keshav Kadam Nashik Jilhyatil Samajik Sudharana Chavalincha Ek Aitihasik Abhyas (1818-1960) Ongoing
Mr. Sandeep Pawar Swatantryottar Kalatil Khandeshatil Aadiwasi Gond Jamatichya Sarvangin Watchaliche Aitihasik Adhyayan Ongoing
Sr. No. Name of PI Title of Project Funding Agency Total Funding (Rs) Current Status
01 Dr. Ujwala Bhirud Transcription of Sources for writing History of East Khandesh (Modi to Devnagri Script) ICHR 3,50,000 Ongoing


Activities & Reports

In the Educational Year 2019-2020 Department of History Conducts
student oriented various programs such as:
01 On 3rd October,2019 Department organized a guest Lecture on the Topic of Gandhi & Bhagat Singh; the lecture had been delivered by Prof. Chamanlal (JNU, Delhi.) whereas 58 students were present at time.
02 From 13th to 18th February, 2020 Conducting a 6 days workshop on MODI Script organized by the Department, 32 students had benefited
03 On the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Department Organized one day Seminar on Gandhi’s Thoughts & Present scenario the Guest Lecture had been Delivered by Prof. GeetaDharampal (Heidelberg University ,Germany.) 79 students including research scholars’ were participated in Seminar.
04 4th March,2020. The Department of History& Political Science collaboratively organized a one day Symposia on Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar: Thoughts and Work, 50 Students including Researchers were participated in Symposia.

Content Developed

Books/ Manual
Sr. No. Name of Teacher Title Publisher Year: ISBN Type
(reference/ Text book
1 Dr. Ujwala Bhirud Modi Lipi Parichay IVK Rajwade Sanshodhan Mandal, Dhule January 2020 Reference book
2 Dr. Ujwala Bhirud Purabhilekhagar Prashant Publishers, Jalgaon (2019) ISBN 978-93-89492-57-6 Text
3 Dr. Dube J. V. Jignyasa Dr.Annasaheb G. D. Bendale women’s College, Jalgaon. 978-81-922212-4-3 Text Book

News & Events

Contact Us

Contact Person
Name Ingle D. S.
Designation Associate Professor
Mobile No. 9423187488
Address Department of History, Humanities Building,
M. J. College, Campus, Jalgaon 425001.
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