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Moolji Jaitha College
"An Autonomous College Affiliated to K.B.C. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon."
NAAC Re-Accrediated Grade "A" CGPA 3.15 (3rd Cycle) | UGC Honoured "College of Excellence"
"Star College" by Ministry of Science and Technology

Department of English

Year of Establishment: UG 1945
PG 1965
Names of Programmes / Courses offered Intake capacity
B. A. English 120
M. A. English 60
M. Phil.
Ph.D. 06
Certificate course in Functional English 60

Program specific outcomes

BA (English)
1 Students will able to use communicate in English effectively.
2 The inculcation of human values will lead to positive transformation of behaviour of students.
3 Students will be able to interpret the literary works analyse them critically.
4 Students will be equipped with skills which will improve their employability.
MA (English)
1 Students will become better communicators in English.
2 Students’ critical abilities will be sharpened and they will be able to think critically.
3 Students’ understanding of human nature will be strengthened.
4 Students’ writing skills will be strengthened in order to enhance their employability.
5 The extended frontiers of language and literature will assist them in theirfuture, research, Job placement and human life..
Certificate Course
1 Students are able to listen and understand English language.
2 Students are able to speak English language.
3 Students are able to read English text/s
4 Students are able to write in English.

Board of Studies in English

Board of Studies in English
Board of Studies in English




01 Name Dr. B N. Kesur
Qualification M. A., B.Ed., NET, PGDTE, Ph. D.
Designation Head, Associate Professor
Experience 17 Years
Specialization English Literature
02 Name Dr. P. M. Chavan
Qualification M. A., SET, Ph. D.
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience 14 Years
Specialization English Literature, Criticism and Theory
03 Name Dr. Y. S. Rajput
Qualification M. A., M. Phil., Ph. D.
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience 12 Years
Specialization English Literature
04 Name A. F. Kshirsagar
Qualification M. A., SET
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience 16 Years
Specialization English Literature


Prominent alumni
Sr. No. Name UG/PG/Ph.D current status (position and location)
01 Prof. Dr. Anil Pathak UG Dean, Centre for Communication, Teaching and Learning. Universiti Teknologi Brunei
02 Late Dr. Vidyadhar Panat - Ex-Vice Chancellor, Purnavad Vidyapeeth, Jalgaon
03 Prof. Dr. Mukta Mahajan UG & PG Head, Department of Languages and Literatures, KBCNMU, Jalgaon
Chairperson, BoS, KBCNMU, Jalgaon
04 Mr. Madhukar Sadashiv Chaudhari - The Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar Cooperative Societies, Maharashtra State
05 Late Prof. Dr. Aniket Jaware UG Former Head, Department of English, SPPU
06 Prof. B. P. Sawakhedkar UG & PG Retired Vice Principal, Dr. AGD Bendale Women’s College, Jalgaon
07 Dr. Preeti Agrawal UG & PG Director, Raisoni Institute of Management, Jalgaon
08 Prof. N. U. Bari UG & PG MC, Member, KBCNMU, Jalgaon
09 Dr. R. M. Patil UG & PG Head, DoE, Vidyabharti College, Amaravati
10 Dr. N. J. Patil UG & PG Head, DoE, Nutan Maratha College, Jalgaon
11 Dr. Avinash Badgujar UG & PG President, NMUCTA, Jalgaon
12 Mrs. Tanuja Tadavi - Ex. Mayor, Jalgaon Municipal Corporation
13 Mrs. Smita Dixit - All India Radio, Jalgaon


Research Areas
Sr. No. Name of faculty Research area
01 Dr. B. N. Kesur African American Literature, English language and literature, Indian Writing in English
02 Dr. P. M. Chavan English language and literature, British and Postcolonial Literature
03 Dr. Y. S. Rajput English language and literature, Indian Writing in English
04 Mr. A. F. Kshirsagar Postcolonial Literature, American Literature, Indian Literature
1) Research papers published in the Peer-Reviewed / Referred Journals in last 5 years
Sr. No. Name of the Teacher Title of Research Paper Name of Journal with ISSN Vol/Issue/ Month & Year Page nos.
01 Dr. R. P. Bonde Motherhood: I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings The Criterion: An International Journal in English. 0976-8165 Vol-08 Issue-I Feb.2017 65-71
02 Dr. B. N. Kesur Toni Morrison’s Tar Baby: The Search for Identity and Place Contemporary Discourse: A Peer Reviewed International Journal ISSN-0976-3686 Volume-7, Issue-2, July 2016 202- 206
03 Dr. B. N. Kesur Names and Naming In Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon Journal Of Higher Education And Research Society-A Refereed Journal ISSN- 2349-0209 Vol-5, Issue-2, October 2017 29-36
04 Dr. B. N. Kesur Leda and The Swan- A Paradox of Transgression, Naturalization and Resistance Literary Insight- A Refereed International Journal ISSN-09756248 Vol-9, Issue-2, July 2018 306-309
05 Dr. B. N. Kesur Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone: A Critique of Youth Culture International Journal Of Research In Social Sciences (IJRSS)
ISSN: 2249-2496 UGC Listed & Refereed
Vol. 9 Issue 4(2) April 2019 619-627
06 Dr. B. N. Kesur Toni Morrison’s Beloved: A Critique of Institutionalized Dehumanization International Journal Of Research In Social Sciences (IJRSS) ISSN: 2249-2496 UGC Listed & Refereed Vol. 9 Issue 6 June 2019 822-831
07 Dr. B. N. Kesur Motif of Dream and Dreaming in Toni Morrison’s Fiction: The Bluest Eye to Love Journal of The Gujarat Research Society ISSN- 0374-8588, UGC-CARE List : Group-D Vol-21, Issue-10, November 2019 818-824
08 Dr. B. N. Kesur Aravind Adiga’s Last Man in Tower: A Critique of Globalized Milieu of Mumbai Journal of The Gujarat Research Society ISSN- 0374-8588, UGC-CARE List : Group-D Vol-21, Issue-14, December 2019 230-238
09 Dr. B. N. Kesur Dr. Ambedkar’s Contribution: An Epistemological Interrogation of Contemporary Indian Society Think India Journal ISSN:0971-1260
UGC-CARE List : Group-D
Vol-22, Issue-14, December 2019 5173-5186
10 Dr. P. M. Chavan “Capitalism, Multiculturalism, Religion and Imperialism: A Matrix of Terrorism” Roots: International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches (ISSN: 2349-8684) (UGC J. No. 48991) Vol. 4, Special Issue 1, October 2017 41-44
11 Dr. Y. S. Rajput Articulating Silence Through Writing: A Study of Mira in The Binding Vine. Academic Research-Peer Reviewed Journal .ISSN 2230-7796 Vol.10 Nov.2015 45-60
12 Dr. Y. S. Rajput Mainstreaming the Marginalized: A Study of Urmi in Shashi Deshpande’s The Binding Vine. Literary Insight- A Refereed International Journal ISSN-09756248 Vol-9, Issue-2, July 2018 310-313
13 A. F. Kshirsagar Amitav Ghosh’s River of Smoke: A Multicultural Perspective Journal of Contemporary Research ISSN: 2320-9542 Refreed Vol-04, Issue- 01 (May 2016) 105-108
14 A. F. Kshirsagar Githa Hariharan’s The Thousand Faces of Night: a feminist counter narrative dipped in native culture IJELLH International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities ISSN-2582-3574 Vol-06, Issue- 10 (October 2018) 346-352
15 A. F. Kshirsagar The Theme of Conflicting Political Ideologies in Amitav Ghosh’s Circle of Reason New Academia: An International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literary Theory ISSN-2347-2073 Vol-7, Issue- 6 (October 2018) 12- 17
Sr. No. Name of PI Title of project Funding agency Total funding (Rs) current status
(Ongoing/ completed
01 Dr. B. N. Kesur The search for identity in Toni Morrison’s Tar Baby UGC 80,000 Completed
02 Dr. R. P. Bonde Writing Black Female Survival: Maya Angelau’s I Knew Why the Caged Bird Sings in Focus. UGC 85,000 Completed
03 Mr. A. F. Kshirsagar Solutions for Decolonization through Subversion in Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies UGC 80,000 Completed
04 Dr. P. M. Chavan A Critical Study of William Golding’s Selected Novels UGC 1,30,000 Completed
Sr. No. Type / purpose of collaboration Name of agency Activities
proposed/ conducted
Coordinator current status (Ongoing/ completed
1 Organisation of International Conference 1. NMUETA, Jalgaon
2. Regional English Language Organisation, USA.
3. British Council
4. Ainet (All India Network of English Teachers)
International Conference on Language, Literature and Culture: New Horizons (conducted 6 & 7 January 2017) Dr. B.N. Kesur Completed


Achievements of Students
Sr.No. Year Name of students Examination
01 2012-13 Sachin Bhagat
Dipak Bari
Ratnakar Koli
02 2013-14 Kiran Visrani
Savita Nandanwar
Atul Suryawanshi

03 2014-15 KShrikrishna Sonawane SET
04 2015-16 Chandani Sapkale SET
05 2016-17 Anil Avchare
Mukesh Sandanshiv
06 2017-18 Pratibha Galwade SET
07 2018-19 Pooja Nichole
Krishna Sonawane
08 2019-20 Sachin Sawarkar
Yogita Chitte
Suniata Tadvi
Pooja Tak
University Rankers
Sr. No. Year Name of students UG / PG Rank
1 2012-13 More Mandar Ramchandra UG Second
2 2015-16 Nichole Pooja PG Second
3 2016-17 Fegde Kshama Snehal PG First
Sr. No. Award Name of students Class
1 First: Essay Writing Competition Gandhi Study Centre, Jalgaon. Kulkarni Madhuri Shirish M.A. Part-I
2 Second: Play Reading Competition organised by NMUETA at Amalner. 1. Kulkarni Ketki.
2. Tiwari Ashwini.
3. Patil Tilottama.
4. Sonawane Prabhat.
5. Salunkhe Harshal.
3 Jalgaon District Sports Award 2013 (Played National Competition) Trupti Tayade Krishnakumar T.Y.B.A
4 Principal’s Roll of Honour Trupti Tayade Krishnakumar T.Y.B.A
5 Principal’s Roll of Honour Trupti Tayade Krishnakumar T.Y.B.A
Sr. No. Competition Prize Student’s Name Class
1 Debate Competition. Organised by ,
Navapur. [State Level]
Second Alkari Sukesh S.Y.B.A.
2 Debate Competition
Chalisgaon. [National Level]
Consolation Alkari Sukesh S.Y.B.A
3 Dance Competition [Folk Dance]
organised by Jilha Kala Krida Utsav
First Prize Alkari Sukesh S.Y.B.A
4 Literary Quiz Competition
organised by NMUETA at , Jalgaon
Consolation Alkari Sukesh
Salunkhe Harshal
5 Western Solo Song, [Uni. Level]
Yuvarang 2013-14
Bronze Medal Kulkarni Ketki T.Y.B.A
Sr. No. Competition Prize Student’s Name Class
1 Avishkar Theatre Model Project Project Selected for University Level • More Mandar • Tripathi Chetna • More Aparna • Tayade Devyani • Bhoi Suvarna M.A-I
2 Ti Quan Do Competition National Level Gold Medal Tayade Trupti Krishnakumar T.Y.B.A
Sr. No. Competition Prize Student’s Name Class
1 Students Literature Conference Third Prize Ghanshyam Devre T.Y.B.A
2 The Best Student Award Ghanshyam P. Devre T.Y.B.A
3 Essay Writing First Ghanshyam P. Devre T.Y.B.A
4 Quiz Competition by NMUETA Second Pooja Nichole
Farooqui Hajra
Sr. No. Competition Prize Student’s Name Class
1 Drushti-University level Essay Writing Competition First
Kshama Fegade
Mohinaz Tadvi
Sr. No. Competition Prize Student’s Name Class
1 Drushti-University level Essay Writing Competition First Pooja Tak MA-II
2 Budding Research Presentation Competition Second Pooja Tak
Gayatri Akolkar
Achievements of Faculty
Mr. B. N. Kesur: International Conference at Cardiff, Wales, UK May 14-17, 2012
Lt. B. N. Kesur was awarded theCommandant's Bronze Medal in (PRCN) NCC Officers' Training Academy held at NCC OTA Kamptee. (All India Level)

Activities & Reports

Guest lectures organised
Sr. No. Resource Person Institution Topic Date
1 Dr. Anil Pathak Nanyang Technical University, Singapore Singapore Model of Educational Success 10th Aug. 2013
2 Dr. R. M. Patil Head, Dept of English, Vidyabharati CollegeAmaravati Importance of Studying Language and Literature in the context of Globalization 1st Oct. 2013
3 Dr. Dilip Barad Professor, Bhavnagar Uni. Gujrat Language and Technopoly 15th Feb. 2014
4 Mark Dwaine Research Fellow, U. S. Embassy Communication Skills 10 March 2015
5 Prof. B. P. Savakhedkar Head, Dept. of English,
A. G. D. Bendale College, Jalgaon
Opportunities for Students of English 20 Aug. 2016
Conferences And Workshops Organised
Sr. No. Conference & Workshops Date Target Group Participants
In collaboration with: NMUETA: North Maharashtra University English Language Teachers’ Association and
ainet: All India Network of English Teachers
Supported by: British Council and Regional English Language Office, US Embassy India
JANUARY 6-7, 2017 Researchers 114
2 Syllabus Framing Workshop organised 23 August 2014 - 76
4 Prof. Dilip Barad from Bhavnagar University conducting One Day Workshop on
"Integrating Technology in Teaching"
- - -
5 Workshop on Language Learning: Myth and Reality 24-01-2018 - -
7 Digital Language Laboratory - - -

Content Developed

Books/ Manual
Sr. No. Name/s of author/ editor Title Publisher Year: ISBN Type
(reference/ Text book
(reference/ Text book/
1 Dr. B. N. Kesur Toni Morrison’s Fiction: From Eye to Love Lambert Publication, Germany 2016 Reference Book
2 Dr. V. Z. Chaudhari,
Dr. A. P. Khairnar,
Dr. B. N. Kesur,
Dr. P. M. Chavan
Skills for Professional Development Atharava Publications, Jalgaon 2017 Reference Book
3 Dr. B. N. Kesur – Chief Editor (Editors: Faculty members of the department) Language, Literature and Culture: New Horizons Atharava Publications, Jalgaon 2017 Edited Book Book
4 Dr. V. Z. Chaudhari& Dr. B. N. Kesur Language Pearls Atharava Publications, Jalgaon 2018 Reference Book
Teaching with ITC
Sr. No. Name of teacher ICT tool used
1 Dr. B. N. Kesur (blogs, PPT, E-books)
2 Dr. P. M. Chavan (Website, blogs, PPT, E-books)
3 Mr. A. F. Kshirsagar, PPT, E-books)

News & Events

News and Events 2019-20

Contact Us

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Contact person
Sr. No. Name Designation E-mail Mobile No.
01 Dr. B. N. Kesur Associate Professor 9420348798
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