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Dreamy Eyes Resource Center for the Differently-abled

Dreamy eyes, a resource centre for the differently-abled with a prime focus on visually challenged is established by Khandesh College Education Society in December 2012 with a view to facilitate people with visual impairment to pursue their education with ease. It all began with the admission of a visually challenged girl student, in the KCE Society’s Moolji Jaitha College into Second Year BA. Having realized her unique needs to access learning resources, the Society immediately embarked on the task of providing all possible assistance to her. The Librarian of the college was immediately vested with the task of procuring the required gadgetry and software for enabling the student to access the printed books in accessible formats. Soon, a Centre is established with the necessary paraphernalia in the library with computers are now loaded with all sort of screen reading and scanning software and hardware exclusively for the visually challenged persons.

College has also purchased the Braille Printer along with Duxbury Braille translating software, in order to provide students with books in Braille format. Braille is the only Script available for visually challenged to read printed material. Presently, in Maharashtra, there are very few institutions with such facilities of their own. At present several of school and college level students admitted into various educational institutes run by KCE Society as well as outsiders are actively taking advantage of the facilities of the centre. The Centre has procured Screen reading software, digital scanners, Angel voice recorders, Devnagari Optical Character Reading software, etc., to meet the requirements of the admitted students. A technically trained and competent visually challenged person was identified and appointed as the Academic Coordinator of the Centre.

Several workshops, training programs are conducted in order to make visually challenged people acquait with the latest computer as well as mobile technology and introduce them to useful gadgetry. Around 100 people got benefited from this workshops. With the help of several voluntary agencies such as Technical Training Institute, Pune, Enable India, Bangaluru, Book Share, New Delhi, Perkins India, New Delhi, Centre for Internet Society, Bangaluru, National Organization for Blind, Mumbai, the centre conducted several workshops including ‘Reading Without Seeing’. ‘Assistive Technologies’ ‘NVDA and Marathi Typing Workshop’ ‘First State Level Blind Teachers’ Conference’ that enable visually impaired lead life with greater ease.

Apart from assistance in studies, the goal of the Dreamy eyes is to make each and every blind fluent in spoken English language, master in computers as well as proficient in handling all sort of Assistive technologies.

Capacity Building Certificate Program for Differently Abled

1 Goal The course is intended to enable the Persons with Disability to acquire knowledge and skills that would be enable their life to be easier and more convenient.
Candidate should able to handle computer and related technologies effectively.
Candidate should Communicate in English, spoken as well as written, and should be able to be a part of any Group discussion like activities with confidence.
Candidate Should be in position to handle all sorts of screen touch mobile phones with its talkback and other accessibility options. Similarly, they should go through their study material and read News papers on their mobile devices without any sighted assistance.
2 Features Information about Act. GR. Circular. Schemes. Policies. Scholarship & Felloship related to persons with disability
Information about Governmental & Non Governmental Organizations related to Persons with disability
Mobility & Accessibility Training
Assertive Technologies & Learning
Spoken English Course
Basic Computer Computer Course
Smart Phone Handling
3 Structure Paper 1 - lSelf Reliance & Awareness
Paper 2 - Computer Competencies
Paper 3 - Practical
4 Duration 1 year
5 Eligibility Minimum 10th qualified
Candidate should 40% Disability Certificate
6 Fees 500 For Students
1000 For Others

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Be a Volunteer
If you want to help the persons with disability as a volunteer
( Scribe, Reader, Audio recording and Helper etc).

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Candidates who took admission in any institutions of KCE Society, can take the advantage of these training programs free of cost. Other outside candidates have to enroll for the Annual Membership of the centre by paying RS. 100/- (One hundred only) along with the course fee, copy of their Disableity certificket, 2 recent Passport size Photo graphs, and the Mark sheet of their latest academics. This Membership shall be renewed in the month of June every year. Members will have to pay extra charges for getting the learning material in hard format, such as CDs, DVDs, or any kind of Print-outs (Both Braille as well as Normal). These charges vary as per the quantity and formats. Members will also get assistance in order to fill online application forms of various competitive exams.

Salient Features of the Centre:

• Dedicated, full time trained academic Coordinator.

• Fully equipped centre catering to all academic needs of the visually challenged.

• Training in Basic Computer handling, Mobile Phone handling and other devices and gadgets.

• Spoken English Program conducted at regular intervals to suit students of different grades and levels.

• The Centre is networked with several NGOs and Government organizations who are working toward empowerment of visually challenged.

• Forum - Exports solution will be provided to persons with disability regarding their problems ( Knowledge. Skills. Assertive Technologies and Career).

Salient Features of the Parent Organization:

• The centre is run by Khandesh College Education Society, a renowned and premier educational Society with a standing of seventy years in Jalgaon district of north Maharashtra, on no-profit basis. The Society has over 39 acres of sprawling campus housing schools, Junior college, Senior College with Arts, Science and Commerce faculties, Management institute, College of Engineering and Technology, Law College, College of Education, Architecture college, etc., to name a few.

• Separate Hostel facility for girls and boys available for students pursuing UG and PG programs of Moolji Jaitha College.

• State of the art sports complex, Yoga centre and other support facilities are also available on the campus.

For further details contact:

Prof. Vijay Srinath Kanchi,
Administrative Coordinator,
(Mob: +91 94036 73618)
KCE Society’s Dreamy Eyes
Resource Centre for the Differently-abled

DLRAC, Library Building, Moolji Jaitha College,
Jalgaon – 425002, Maharashtra, India
Visit us at:

Enabling realization of inner potential.

Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Photo
01 Dr. Vijay Srinath Kanchi M.A (Philosophy)
M.Lib & I.Sc.
Ph.D. (NET)
Administrative Coordinator
02 Mr. A. D. Rathod D. T. Ed
M. A History
M. A Education


To impart lower & higher education to the visually challenged and upgrade their technical skills so as to enable them become self dependent and competent to face the challenges of daily life and to provide necessary medical guidance and assistance wherever required.


• To set up a facilitation centre for the visually challenged persons belonging to North Maharashtra region with adequate technological and other resources so as enable them pursue their education with ease.

• To provide syllabus related books and other reading material in accessible formats.

• To offer computer and mobile handling training programs so as to help the visually challenged lead technology enabled lifestyles.

• To conduct frequent workshops for the visually challenged by inviting experts from across the globe.

• To make the visually challenged competent to secure suitable employment.


Dreamy Eyes Resource Centre

The college has established a 'Dreamy Eyes Resource Centre' for Visually Challenged (DERVC) in the year 2012 to do a service to the visually impaired persons, seeking to pursue education. The Centre is well equipped with all the necessary equipment such as Braille printer, Angel voice recorder and computers loaded with on-screen readers (NVDA and JAWS), English and Devnagari Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools. The centre provides all the necessary academic assistance to the students such as producing as well as procuring syllabus content in accessible formats providing writers to these needy students during examinations, etc. The centre has a full time Academic Coordinator who himself is also a visually impaired person. The administrative activities are coordinated by the Librarian of the college.

From the establishment of centre, it has been actively engaged in training the visually challenged students. The help given includes computer handling, Smartphone usage and also regular computer lab-based training through organizing of periodical workshops and training programs of various durations. These workshops are conducted by inviting technical experts from other voluntary organizations such as Technical Training Institute (TTI), Pune, Book Share, New Delhi, NAB, Mumbai, Enable India, Bangaluru, Nivant, Pune, etc.

The centre is a member of Daisy Forum of India since 2013.

With the financial assistance received from the Centre for Internet and Society, Bangaluru, DERVC has conducted NVDA familiarization workshops of one week duration, once in a month during May 2016- Feb 2017. On 1stday of April, 2016 the centre has struck an MoU with the Centre for Internet and Society for providing in house training in NVDA &E-speak accessibility for VIs.

Mr. Pawan Bundela, Academic Coordinator of the Dreamy Eyes centre was sent to Technical Training Institute, Pune for undergoing training in Daisy book production for three days on the college's expense.

On 6th June 2015 the centre has entered into an MoU with Bookshare, New Delhi for obtaining access to learning resources in accessible formats.

The centre has entered into an agreement for exchange and sharing of resources and technical expertise with Technical Training Institute, Pune in the year 2013.

The centre has also organized a unique 'State Level Conference' of visually challenged persons, in association with National Organization of the Blind, Vasai, Mumbai in the year 2015.

The centre is also a subscriber for Reliance Dristi, a Braille magazine.

With the help of Mr. Dhananjay Bhole, accessibility expert Pune University, the college website has been upgraded so as to make it accessible to visually impaired in April 2013.

Purchased learning resource CDs from NAB, Nashik in July 2013 for XI std. Study material in English, Hindi, Marathi, Sociology, Env. Science and political Science.

In the academic year 2014-15 3 students have completed 'MSCIT' course by securing more than 85 marks.

Most of the beneficiaries of the Centre are those who are pursuing undergraduate program in the college or in other colleges of this region. Apart from these, other VIs employed in various organizations, also take part in the periodic workshops conducted by the Centre. In addition, there is a couple of VIs pursuing secondary and senior secondary education who is also beneficiaries of the Centre.

Sr. No Year No. of Beneficiaries
1 2012-13 02
2 2013-14 07
3 2014-15 05
4 2015-16 06
5 2016-17 04

What is the stated policy of the institution to promote consultancy? How is the available expertise advocated and publicized?

With a view to help visually challenged students, the college has always been helpful to spread the information, educational materials to the needy students. With the help of organizations such as (Kanchi Sir) the college arranges workshops regarding computer literacy, for the visually challenged.


Sr. No Date Topic No. of Participants Remarks
1 20th to 23rd February 2017 NVDA Accessibility Workshop for Visually Challenged 13 With the financial assistance from Centre for Internet & Society, Bengaluru.
2 13th – 17th August 2016 NVDA E Speak Project 27 With the financial assistance from Centre for Internet & Society, Bengaluru.
3 11th -15th July 2016 Android Devices Accessibility Workshop for Visually Challenged 27 With the financial assistance from Centre for Internet & Society, Bengaluru.
4 20th – 24th June 2016 Android Devices Accessibility Workshop for Visually Challenged 11 With the financial assistance from Centre for Internet & Society, Bengaluru.
5 31st May 2016 Android Devices Accessibility Workshop for Visually Challenged 11 With the financial assistance from Centre for Internet & Society, Bengaluru.
6 23rd – 24th June 2015 Marathi Reading & Typing Using Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) For Visually Challenged 18 In association with NAB, New Delhi
7 5th – 7th August 2014 Career counselling for Visually Challenged 41
8 19th -20th January 2013 Reading without seeing 21 In association with Technical Training Institute, Pune


Sr. No Date Topic No. of Participants Remarks
1 17th – 18th January 2015 1st State Level Conference for Visually Challenged 52

Strengthening and Capacity Building Plans Undertaken under XII plan Under College of Excellence Scheme

Development of unique facilities at the district centre in the field of higher education for visually challenged youth. The college has established a resource centre for visually challenged named ‘Dreamy Eyes’ in the year 2012 by procuring the necessary wherewithal such as on-screen text to speech readers, Devnagari OCR, Angel recorder cum players etc. With an aim to provide better services to the visually challenged, and to promote the idea of inclusive education bringing greater number of differently-abled persons into mainstream higher education, the college plans to strengthen this centre through procurement of advanced instruments such as specialized digital scanner for scanning the printed learning resources, Braille printer for printing Braille resource material, Low vision equipment etc. Purchase of Braille books and subscription to Online Braille Library will also be done.

Strengthening of 'Dreamy Eyes'- Centre for visually challenged youth

Sr. No Title Equipments Unit Total
1 Procurement of specialized equipments Digital scanner, Braille printer, low vision equipments and computers 4.50 5.0
Books and online library Braille books and subscription to Online Braille Library 0.50

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